now this is a super hero!!!

(just a shame she eats at McDonalds)

the fashion industry is one of the biggest enemies of mankind

it teaches girls to lack self-confidence in their bodies

it traps thousands in debt (debt is the modern form of slavery) as they try to keep up with the ever shifting sands of what’s cool

and by requiring people to constantly buy new clothes it contributes to the destruction of the environment

plus it turns people into idiots and liars


this is art!

best street art clip I’ve seen in years!

felt like 2003 again, when nothing mattered and anything was possible

no blogs, no professional street art photographers, no hype, no money, just having fun doing stupid shit with your friends. perfect!

The profitable marriage of military and police tech | Al Jazeera America

they know we will fight back

I just hope we can convince enough police and military people that they are working to make the rich richer, and not to protect their fellow citizens. if we can do that, we stand a chance. So if you know any members of the police or the armed forces, talk to them, help them to understand how they are being used, and how that is making them the enemy of the common people. 

I get sick often.

It is tiresome. 

Right now I am recovering from the flu, combined with a back problem. I am tired and I ache. The constant pain destroys my mood.

Does it have to be like this?

The answer is surely “no”.

A few thousand years ago I would no doubt be dead by now. I am 40. Average life span used to be 35 years I heard. Which would suggest the human body isn’t supposed to last long.

I put my useless immune system down to the fact I was born sick, I had a liver complaint, had to stay in hospital (I think in an incubator) and was no doubt given drugs. Before my immune system even had a chance to start to develop. In trying to keep me alive, medical science doomed me to a life of suffering. If I’d been born 200 years earlier I would not have made it to my first birthday (around 20% of children didn’t, and only around half of kids made it to adulthood)

Is it worth it? Saving all these sick babies so they can spend their lives miserable and in pain?

Surely the whole point of medical science saving lives of people too ill to survive is to create a constant market for their products. Do doctors really think they are doing something good by keeping people alive, hooked up to machines, and pumped full of drugs? Is that really a life?

I have a life, but an average one week a month is spent with some kind of sickness or pain, so often I feel like my life is something I would be happier without.

Maybe I’m really not supposed to be here, and so all the sickness is the universe trying to get rid of me? Maybe that’s why I’ve suffered so much mental torment and felt suicidal so often - the universe really wants me gone!

If Robin Williams suffered this much sickness I can understand why he killed himself. I’m tired of it at 40. He managed to stay alive until 65. Can I take another 25 years of feeling like shit?

At this moment I’m not sure I can…

now that is a good film poster!

now that is a good film poster!

a two thirds size human skull with eyes and spring-loaded jaw for less than 10 euros? yes please!

another reason to love going to the post office

a two thirds size human skull with eyes and spring-loaded jaw for less than 10 euros? yes please!

another reason to love going to the post office

If banks sell mortgages to investors, via the securitisation industry, how were they ever bust?

Pension funds, insurance companies, hedge funds, etc, buy mortgages and pay banks the principal, plus a premium up front as a lump-sum payment.

Therefore, the bank is paid in full, once, for the mortgage. The monthly payments of the homeowners are passed by the banks to the investors. Over the life of the mortgage, the investor earns more than they paid up-front to the banks, due to interest payments.

This is admitted — albeit grudgingly — by banks. They can no longer deny securitisation. But how do they explain being bust? They should be in extra credit, from the profit above the principal that the investor paid to them.

Are banks keeping shadow books? Is their securitised income declared for tax?

Where is that money?

How did the banks all arrive in Government Buildings in 2008, saying they needed to be bailed out overnight or the country would go bust, when their mortgages were all already paid in full? How can any bank in Ireland lay claim to the title of any house in Ireland if they have sold this right to others?

Henry Ford said: “it is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for, if they did, I believe there would be a revolution.” 

Barry Fitzgerald