wouldn’t it be great is they let the WORLD (i.e. us) have it BEFORE they let the military have it. knowing what those idiots are like they get this tech and blow up the planet before we get our energy crisis in hand

still, good news all the same

Yeah! The new boards from Solid Skateboards just arrived!

This is kind of my company, as I’m the creative director, designing all the graphics, logos, choosing the colour ways of the hardware, and designing the specific shapes for specific age ranges.

From left to right: 

Beginners board. This is for the 3 to 6 age range. We know that kids spend as much time kneeling or sitting as standing when they begin, so we made this one wide, 8 inches, and have developed a special foam grip tape, to protect knees and clothes - it will grip, but it won’t rip!

The Twin Tail is for 5 to 10 year olds. A more regular shape, but with identical nose and tail to encourage switch stance skating, creating a future generation of ultimate rippers!

The Kids Kruiser is for the skater 8 years and older that can’t decide whether they want a regular board or a longboard. We also make a longboard, but those sold out straight away, so I don’t have one yet!

All these boards come with Gumball wheels, 53mm and 85a - softer than a regular wheel so they don’t stop dead on little stones, so your kid will slam less and have more fun.

If you’re thinking about buying a board for your son or daughter, invest in one designed by skateboarders and made with professional standard parts. That way they’ll enjoy themselves way more, and your money will have been well spent.

Wow! That blew my mind!!!

Bruce Damer is a NASA scientist. It’s great to hear super intelligent people talk about things like the power of psychedelic experiences for everyone.

I also appreciated the term “the reductionist view of science”. From a scientist!

Now how am I going to get my brother to watch this now he’s not talking to me?

Research by Stanford University shows we could convert to 100% renewable energy in just 15 years


Letter to my brother on the subject of homeopathy

Dear brother.

You told me that your evidence that homeopathy doesn’t work comes from you taking a remedy for headaches which failed to cure your headache.

That fact that you would take any kind of medicine without the advice of someone who understands how that medicine works is a little worrying.

Since you clearly don’t understand the function of homeopathy, I thought it best to try and explain it.

Homeopathic remedies should not be confused with conventional medicines. They do not have the same function, and do not work the same way. Since your only experience with homeopathy is with headaches, I will use this ailment as my example.

You report that you took a remedy and your headache didn’t go away (by which I assume you still have the headache). Do you know what a headache is? A headache is a symptom of a problem with your body. It is the flashing light on your dashboard that tells you your car needs oil. Taking a conventional drug like paracetamol “cures” the headache by, according to research from 2011, suppressing signal transduction in the spinal cord. This is like cutting the wires that power the light in your dashboard. The flashing has stopped, but there is still the underlying problem that your car needs oil. By which I obviously mean that a conventional medicine may stop the pain by blocking the signals, but the problem which causes the signal to be sent as a warning is still there.

The function of homeopathy is not to block signals that report a problem, but to treat that underlying problem of which the headache is a symptom.

What is a headache the symptom of? We open the medical dictionary and find out that it can be the symptom of many different things. The two most likely causes are congestion of the blood vessels, and strain on the muscles in the head and neck. Lets look at these two problems:

Congestion of blood vessels is often caused by dehydration. Dehydration causes your blood volume to drop which in turn lowers the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain. In response the blood vessels in the brain dilate leading to swelling and inflammation. Dehydration in this case is the underlying problem that the headache has alerted us to. We cure dehydration by rehydrating - by drinking water. When a headache strikes, the first thing we should do is drink plenty of water and give it time to be absorbed by the body. It’s best to drink water that is at body temperature since cold water needs to be heated by the body before it can be absorbed, which slows the process.

Strain of the muscles in the head and neck can be caused by a number of things, such as an injury, poor posture, stress (creating physical tension), and weak muscles in the neck and back. The cures for these are reasonably obvious. Injuries generally heal with time. Poor posture can be improved by making an effort to correct it. Stress can be relieved by a number of methods. Weak muscles can be made strong with exercise.

As we can see, the two main causes of headaches can be easily tackled without any kind of medicines, conventional or alternative. The key to curing these headaches comes from recognising that the headache is a symptom of something else, identifying this something, and then doing the work (drinking some water, learning to sit up straight, etc) to remedy the situation. Keeping up the work (making sure you stay hydrated, continuing to sit up straight) will cure the problem.

Essentially, curing the problem takes constant self-awareness.

Of course, there are many other causes of headaches. Some of these have obvious remedies - lack of sleep (remedy - get more sleep) over-consumption of caffeine (drink less caffeine) suddenly cutting caffeine intake (your body readjusts naturally after a few days) eyestrain (get some corrective lenses) hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar - often happens when you haven’t eaten for a long time)

There are also causes which will benefit from medical assistance, such as sinusitis, cervical spondyosis, pre-menstrual tension, post-herpetic neuralgia following shingles, malocclusion or sepsis after dental treatment, high blood pressure, overdose of vitamin A, glaucoma, and brain haemorrhage.

It is hopefully now clear that a headache is merely a symptom, and thus to cure the symptom we have to cure the underlying problem. To do this we have to first identify the underlying problem. Some problems, such as lack of sleep or dehydration, we can identify ourselves and can easily cure without taking any form of medicine. If we suffer from frequent headaches however it makes sense to see our doctor. I suffered frequent headaches in my early teenage years. The underlying problem was eye strain, the cure was wearing glasses to correct the problem. To keep taking pain killers that suppress messages reporting a problem from reaching the brain not only fails to treat the problem, but could ultimately make things worse or create new problems. Frequent use of paracetamol can damage the liver, and paracetamol overdose results in more calls to poison control centres in the US than overdose of any other pharmacological substance.

Once we have identified the problem causing our headache, if we can’t solve it ourselves through simple means like exercise to improve muscle strength and reduce stress, we can look at taking a homeopathic remedy. This should only be done with the advice of a homeopath, just as we should only take conventional medicine with the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. I know that in England you can buy paracetamol in the supermarket, which gives you the impression that it is safe, but the fact this drug is on sale is a financial issue concerning supermarkets and drug manufacturers profits, and not because your supermarket is concerned with curing your problems. Here in Germany you can only buy medicine like paracetamol and ibuprofen in the pharmacy, and often you require a prescription from your doctor. This is because the authorities in Germany consider these to be very strong and potentially harmful drugs if misused.

Back to homeopathy. For any ailment there are often various remedies, and to select the correct remedy takes into consideration the precise elements of the symptom. In the case of headaches, there are many things to consider, such as which side of the head the pain is found. Is it a stabbing pain or a bruised feeling? Is the face flushed? Does the pain recede with heat or with cold? Are the pupils dilated? Are the limbs weak? Does the pain increase when leaning forward? Is the sufferer irritable? etc. 

Once the homeopath understands the precise details of your symptom (the headache) they then take into consideration many other aspects of your life, including your work and family situation, your stress levels, how much exercise you take and in what forms, your diet, the environment you live in, and a whole host of other contributing factors. This helps them form a picture of you. This is essential in the treatment, as all humans are different. Of course, our basic mechanical functions are virtually the same, but we are not identical machines. We each have a mind, which never stop working, and we have all grown up in different circumstances with different experiences in different environments. This means that a remedy that may have a strong effect on one person may have no effect on another. A homeopath needs to know who the person is they are treating. Only then will they be able to propose a remedy. This, I suggest, is the key reason why your homeopathic headache remedy didn’t work. You no doubt feel that you were “conned”. In actual fact, you were simply ignorant. Hopefully this text helps you learn something, and prevents this from happening again.

Homeopathic treatment requires the individual to pay attention to what is going on not only with their body, but with their mind, with what is happening in their life, and to take into account their medical history. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to make the effort to do this, especially when it’s easier to pop a pill and get back to work. It would seem that this is often the point of conventional medicines - not to fix problems, just to keep things running. A doctor or a homeopath will have little hope in curing the health issues of a person not willing to take responsibility for their own health.

In the West we are raised in a society that runs on money. Many of us are trapped by debt (either current or potential) and are too busy working to pay attention to our health. We don’t maintain our vehicle, and only take it to the garage when it breaks down, usually requiring extreme attention in the form of chemicals or surgery, both of which can result in the machines destruction. 

Homeopathy exists to take care of the vehicle so that it doesn’t break down. 

In ancient China you paid your doctor to keep you healthy. If you got sick, you stopped paying him! It was, therefore, in his best interest to keep your vehicle on the road! The modern Western system is the opposite of this. We pay little or no attention to maintaining our vehicle until it breaks. 

When we consider our incredible abilities to use our scientific knowledge to work wonders, why do we never ask ourselves why there is so much sickness and ill-health in the western world? After all, humans have been around for 200,000 years without requiring conventional medicine. How did we ever make it this far without it? We have to consider why it is that, as our ability to use chemicals to treat illness increases, the numbers of sick people does not decrease.

I hope this short text helps you to understand why your evidence for the ineffectiveness of homeopathic remedy is based on both a lack of understanding of the basic concepts of homeopathy, and a lack of understanding of the most likely causes of a headache. The fault, therefore, is not with the remedy but with you.

I know that you have big problems with the “science” of homeopathy (science meaning “a systematic enterprise that builds and organises knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predicts the universe”), in which case I would urge you to consider your existence. According to modern scientific belief the universe was born billions of years ago, from the explosion of something (we know not what) that was smaller than the head of a pin. From this explosion stars were born, lived lives longer than humans can comprehend, and then themselves exploded, releasing the chemical elements that form everything that exists. The planet we now live on started as a seething mass of basic chemicals that just happened to be the perfect distance from a source of energy for life to be a possibility, has a tilt angle favourable to life, has an orbit that would give us seasons, and a satellite that creates tides, thought to be crucial to evolution. The chemicals on this planet had to combine to form more complex chemicals to create an atmosphere in which life could exist, and then even more complex chemicals that would eventually create a basic form life. This first living creature then had to undergo billions upon billions of freak genetic mutations, over many millions of years, to build the complex biological and chemical systems that are known today as Homo Sapiens. If this in itself isn’t impossible enough, consider the improbability of the fact that the spermatozoa that formed you was one of 100 million that could have fertilised your mothers egg. That you even exist is, for want of a more scientific word, a miracle.

Think about this… and then tell me with conviction that the science of homeopathy is impossible!

Anyway, I’m starting to get a headache (my prognosis - too little water intake, bad posture, too much back-lit screen viewing). It’s taken me over three hours to write this text, due to many online searches to check facts, consultation of books, and much re-writing to make sure explanations are as clear as possible. Something I have willingly undertaken because I think it’s important that you understand a subject you have very strong opinions on. Opinions you are very vocal in sharing. It shows a lack of integrity to vocalise opinions on things you clearly do not understand, as it misleads others, possibly causing them to be equally ignorant. I have obviously not done this to try and win an argument (which would be pointless in the extreme) but to educate you, and thus the others you share your misinformed opinions with.

So, time to go drink some water and move my body to get rid of this headache! Good bye.

I can barely believe that a record works, that the immense sound of an orchestra can be recorded as tiny bumps in the groove of plastic not much wider than a human hair. But now they can work out what sounds were happening in a room by filming the vibrations of a plants leaves or an empty crisp packet!!!

my brain reels…

and I made this one too!

first we take manhattan, then we take Berlin…

and I made this one too!

first we take manhattan, then we take Berlin…

I made that skateboard graphic!

I made that skateboard graphic!


In Colorado marijuana is legal.
The government charges 39% tax on weed that isn’t for medicinal use.
It makes over 100 million dollars in tax a year, just from the tax on recreational marijuana!!!!!!

They also have less crime and a lower murder rate!!!