So happy to have #DaveTheChimp in this #amateurmag #diy special issue014


So happy to have #DaveTheChimp in this #amateurmag #diy special issue014

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it won’t be long before you can be locked up just for questioning the government

don’t be scared though, and keep tackling all problems with love

and keep skating! I’m turning off this crap and going to the park now!!!

Leading Anti-Marijuana Academics Are Paid By Painkiller Drug Companies | VICE News

I hate to say it, but drugs are good for the creative mind

I can say this, as I took drugs for a long time, then stopped taking them for a long time, then started taking them occasionally again.

They really help to make connections to ideas that you might never see. I think that’s how it works. I don’t think they give me ideas, but form new ideas from things that are seemingly uninteresting or unseen when straight.

However, taking drugs are terrible for the rest of life outside of the creative times. No way to live your life (I know, because I lived it for ten years. I was a disaster. Though a pretty creative and productive disaster it has to be said)

So kids, it’s probably better that you don’t do drugs. Or at least don’t do them very often, because I think a little mind-expansion is very helpful in a time when we need to be coming up with ideas to tackle the serious problems that most of us are not aware we even face.

blew my freakin’ mind open!!!

fuck yes!

like Bragg I’ve had relations

with girls from many nations

I can tell ya it has got me

in some awkward situations

thinking of quitting the day job and becoming a rapper. that’s where the money’s at…



now this is a super hero!!!

(just a shame she eats at McDonalds)